Original Musicals

                         Lost Boy: A New Musical

Lost Boy chronicles Slightly‘s adventures with Peter Pan and the lost boys in a Neverland shaken by the return of Captain Hook. This musical, inspired by J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, asks “What is Neverland?” as Slightly uncovers Peter’s true intentions and Captain Hook’s quest for power.   Check it out on Facebook!

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                          A Rush of Gold – working title


There’s this ghost town in Northern California – at one time a booming, illustrious mining town, saturated with scandal, sin, and greed; now reduced to nothing but dried blood and grainy sand. The hills stripped of their innards – all traces of precious gold over processed and long long gone.

Up here, a dry wind always blowing, tucked in the vacant hills of Mono Lake there’s an overwhelming sense of what was: a city where you could start over. Begin again. Reinvent yourself…

A once proper and prim Catholic girl from the Eastern Suburbs might be America’s most notorious saloon girl; a poor adventurer from Ireland could be the richest man in the world. And perhaps a boy can become a man far too quickly when his father is gunned down on a particularly wild night.

The rapid rise of this flamboyant bonanza will have a similarly rapid end; its inhabitants quickly leaving, but never truly leaving this place. Just leaving with their bodies…or without; their souls always to remain in a painted ghost town- in the hollow hills of California.

Sample tracks below…

(Daddy’s Alone)

(Irish Blessing) 

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                The Pigeon Prince



The Pigeon Prince tells the tale of Simon, a young heir to the thrown in a far away kingdom ruled by his mother, the absent minded and very hungry queen. (“What It Takes To Be A Queen”)


Simon, not wanting be king decides to run away from home with his trusty foot servant, Mangers.

pigeon3Well into their first night, lost in the dark forest, Simon and Mangers stumble upon a small cottage. Inside, they meet a spindly old witch who grants Simon any wish his heart desires…

Simon, wanting ultimate freedom, wishes for the ability to fly. The witch complies, and transforms Simon (and Mangers) into pigeons. (“Witch Wishes”)

After Simon and Mangers discover they are pigeons, they happen to meet some real life pigeons who show them the ropes… (“So You Wanna Be A pigeon?”



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